Greetings all to "TheRaggedMan" Blog

Neil Lyons

Hello, and thank you for joining me on this blog. My name is Neil Lyons and I am a married father of 3. I was born in the City of Portsmouth, England and have lived in the area my whole life. From leaving school at 16, I worked as a carpenter until my mid 30’s. Since then I have taught GCSE science in Portsmouth secondary schools.

In this blog, I wish to celebrate humanity, highlighting the wonderous ‘things’ that people do and create. At our best, we truly are awesome! For more, read the sections ‘Humans are Awesome’ and ‘The Scientific Revolution’.

This blog is also part of the citizen journalist movement that seeks to truthfully inform and will report news and issues that mainstream organisations ‘miss’. For very good reasons, the public has very little trust in either the media, politicians or so-called ‘elites’. I promise readers that everything written by me will be a genuine attempt to highlight ‘what is true’.

All articles will clearly show sources and provide links when internet based. This will enable readers to assess how accurate, or not, my reports are. I actively invite and welcome comments, especially those that disagree with me. I simply want to know what is true and will happily correct any mistake. For more, read the sections ‘Truthful News’ and ‘Solutions and Alternatives’. The last section is, ‘Pompey’ and is a personal labour of love celebrating my home.

Remember you are awesome, you really are, enjoy my blog 😊